the mathsmith collage

the mathsmith collage

Thursday, April 11, 2013

#Made4Math Mon...well, Thursday - Laminated Graph Paper

This trimester, I am teaching Algebra 2 along with Algebra 1.  We started the trimester graphing cubic and quartic polynomials.  One of the things I'm trying to work on is having the students get up out of their seats more.  So I asked myself, "How can I have them graph at the board without them wasting their time making their own grids or having their graphs look like a disaster?"  Then it hit me!: Laminated huge graph paper grids!  The students can use dry-erase markers to graph and can easily wipe their graphs away!

I printed 28 pages of grid paper and laminated them so I would have 7 graph stations:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Math Review Scavenger Hunt #made4math

So, I got this idea from a coworker:

Put the answer to a question at the top of a paper and a new question at the bottom.  Put the answer to that question at the top of another paper and a new question at the bottom.  Repeat (making sure you don't have the same answer to more than one problem) until you have enough questions to cover the concept you are reviewing and end with the question whose answer corresponds with the first paper.

Then, post the papers randomly around the room.

The students then will work independently or in a group (however you want to do this) and start anywhere.  They work the problem out from the bottom of the paper then find the answer around the room.  Then, they answer that question and so on.  I usually reveal how many questions there are so they know whether they did it right.  If they get back to where they started with fewer questions, they need to backtrack and figure out where they went wrong.  I will post pictures of how this looks in my class the next time I set up this activity.

Has anyone else ever done this?

Does anyone have any questions?  This is a fun and easy way to set up a review that gets the kids up and moving.  Once you have it set up, the students do all the work!


I realize it's been several months since I have posted on here.  It's amazing how we can get so wrapped up in school...