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the mathsmith collage

Sunday, September 2, 2012

#hssunfun Algeopardy - favorite review game

My favorite default review game is "Algeopardy".  Since I mainly teach Algebra, it was easy to smush that word with Jeopardy to create Algeopardy.  Beforehand, I create the game board with the different main topics of the chapter/unit as the categories.  I use notecards for the questions and cover them up with post-it notes that have the dollar values written.  (I don't have the answers written and have the students say the question...that would be a bit challenging and would stray from the point of the review.)  I split the class up into 3 teams.  I don't have the buzzers, so the teams are "Crash", "Boom", and "Bang".  When a team writes their answer on a dry erase board, they call out their team name.  I acknowledge the first team name I hear.  They hold up their answer (instead of saying it).  If they are correct, they are awarded the "money".  If they are incorrect, that "money" is subtracted.  Negative money is possible.  I have 2 daily doubles.  At the end of the class period, the team with the most "money" gets 3 bonus points on their test the next day.  Second place gets 2 bonus points on their test.  Third place gets 1 bonus point.

Here is a picture of a student made Algeopardy board.  They used tissue paper instead of post-its (and had different dollar values as you can see).  I think they gave candy instead of awarded money since they didn't have extra credit power when they conducted their review game.  Plus, they all like bringing in candy.


  1. Love this idea! Could you explain more about the whiteboards? Does each kid have one? Or just one per group?

    1. One per group...and no one can hog the board. They need to take turns writing. The kids are pretty good at noticing when students from other teams are being board hogs. They totally call each other out on it.