the mathsmith collage

the mathsmith collage

Monday, September 3, 2012

#made4math Monday Week 10 - My First Attempts at Foldables

So this past Friday, I did my first foldable with students.

In my Algebra 1 B class, which is basically the first "semester" of Algebra 1 that covers writing and solving equations, slope and graphing linear equations, etc., we had a lesson on writing equations from words.  Before we got into the examples, we did the foldable reviewing the key words that indicate addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  So, I decided Thursday after school to do a foldable on it based on Sarah's blog post (see the portion about translating algebraic expressions).

To fill in the outside with words that describe the math operations, I asked students to call out words that they remember.  They came up with some that we didn't!  Some examples:

Half (times 1/2 or divided by 2)
Greater than (adding)
Take away (subtracting)
Of (mulitply...full disclosure, I added that one)

Tomorrow, I plan on doing 'to the square inch's system of equations foldable with my Algebra 1 C class (2nd "semester" that covers systems of equations, exponent rules, etc.).  I bought colored printer paper for the occasion because the colored paper selection in the office is somewhat limited and I liked the bright colors shown on the blog post.  I will update with the results from tomorrow.

Update: The students really seemed to enjoy this activity.  They even referred to the foldable when we did example problems.  I even talked with some of the students about color with a purpose.  One student said, "I should start color coding from now on instead of randomly using highlighters!"


Also, in an attempt at procrastinating from grading review work for tomorrow, I decided to make a few posters based on word press' mathsmith's post.

And, finally, this past weekend, I did a screenshot from's teen girl squad when I noticed this:

This is now my twitter profile picture.


  1. I have decided to create more foldables in class but am worried about the amount of time needed to create them. Any thoughts?

    1. I'm spoiled this year with trimesters and 72 minute blocks, so this isn't as much of a concern for me. However, I noticed yesterday that I ran out of time for all the things I wanted to do and needed to tweak plans for today.

      Maybe do as much as you can ahead of time for them? For example, I cut the long strip off the 1st one for the students so they aren't waiting for each other to share the scissors.