the mathsmith collage

the mathsmith collage

Sunday, August 19, 2012

#Made4Math Monday Week 8 - Spiced Up Syllabus & Foldables Supply Boxen

Project #1: Spiced Up Syllabus

Inspired by @KristinABC123 and those that inspired her (see her shout out links), I decided to change my syllabus for the long drawn out 2 pages of information to a brochure.



Project #2: Foldables Supply Boxen

In an effort to take baby steps toward INB (interactive notebooks), I have decided to start doing foldables with the students this year.  It helps that we are on trimesters and have longer class periods than I'm accustomed to.  I feel like I'll have time to do these with the students without feeling rushed...

Anyways, here are some pictures of the foldables supply boxen that I put together for the students. ( know, the plural of box...) I have 8 groups of desks. Some have 4, some have 3...that's just how the cookie crumbled:

Once have these laminated, I'm going to put one on each box.  I made 2 copies and am going to put one at each group to match the box with the group.  That will help with accountability.  For example, I know who has the Magnum Pi box, and if something comes up missing that day, that narrows it down to 4 people from the previous class as culprits. 0:-)

Tomorrow is my first day of teacher in-services - which is why I posted early.  Tomorrow's sessions are for new teachers, so I will be with a few others.  Tuesday, I will be with all the staff.  *EXCITEMENT!*


  1. Lie your organized system for the boxen. I keep telling myself my materials manager at each desk will check those at beg/end of each period so I an check as well.

  2. I need to put a label on mine too. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I am loving the 'live, math, love' picture on your brochure - did you make this or can you possibly share the link for it? I want to blow it up to go on the wall!!!


      If you scroll down, you will find that along with other fun printables.

  4. Nice and thank you for the idea on the INB's!

  5. Nice and thank you for the idea on the INB's!