the mathsmith collage

the mathsmith collage

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My first day of school

I usually use a brief review game using the coordinate plane and desks in rows to create randomized seating charts.  However, I decided to put my desks in groups this year, so I couldn't use that review game.

So, I looked at the  first day page on the math teacher wiki and used the numbers on post it notes idea.  Once a kid guessed his/her number, he/she could choose a seat.  It worked out ok...except for the fact that the post it notes wouldn't stick to the kids' backs.  So, my intervention specialist (WHO ROCKS, BTW) helped me use scotch tape to make sure the post it notes stayed.  That helped things go more smoothly in later class periods.  Also, we were able to review math vocabulary, such as prime and composite.  So, other than the tape debacle, the activity worked out well.

Another thing that didn't go perfectly...the syllabus.  When I finally received my copy code, I was anxious to copy them so I could fold them...on Thursday.  Since I was so excited to be able to make copies, I didn't pay attention until half way through the print job: the inside of the syllabus printed upside down.  At that point (3:30pm the day before the first day of school), I didn't care...instead, I made a joke out of it with the students about how I'm new there and learned the hard way how to copy a brochure using the copy machine.  They didn't seem to mind, either.  :-)

I gave the students a review packet to start toward the end of the block.  Most of the students got a lot accomplished, helped each other, and asked good questions.  I'm excited to get to know my new students and am anxious to see how this year is going to pan out.

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