the mathsmith collage

the mathsmith collage

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review Games by Students for Students

As exam review each semester (and this year, each trimester), I gave students a group project worth 100 points to come up with review games for each chapter that will be on the exam.

Here is a link to my description.  Over the years, I decided to have due dates along the way for things such as writing the review questions.  That way, I could grade them ahead of time and have students correct their mistakes before presenting the game to the rest of the class.  Before I did that, the games turned into finding the REAL correct answers instead of playing the games.

Here is a link to my rubric.  I gave each group a copy of the rubric so they knew in advance how I would be grading them.  Then, I filled out a rubric for each group along the way as each due date came.

Here is a link to my reflection piece.  The students would each fill this out.  After they turned them in, I would give them a chance to discuss what they liked and what they wanted to do differently as a class.  Then, I encouraged them because most of the projects turned out really well.

Here are a few pictures of review games:


  1. There is so much that I love about this! Thanks for being so thorough in your post so I can easily re-create this in my classroom!

    1. You're welcome...#made4math-ers have been so thorough and helpful for me that I want to return the favor!! :-)

  2. This is awesome! I pinned it so I won't forget to do it this year :) I *love* this idea!