the mathsmith collage

the mathsmith collage

Monday, August 6, 2012

#Made4Math Monday Week 6 - Facebook Bulletin Board (work in progress)

So, I finally got into my classroom today.  Last week, we were moving into our new place.  Also, when I went over there, everything that was in my classroom was out in the hallway.  I think maintenance was waxing my floor or something.

Here are before pictures (Did you notice any windows?):

So, for one bulletin board, I decided to do a facebook timeline page theme based on an idea I got from pinterest.  However, since most people are being forced to switch to the timeline mode, I went with that format instead.  I even printed out my own facebook timeline as reference.  Instead of paper, I used plastic table covers from party city ($1.99 you can donate $1 to make-a-wish foundation there right now).  I also took some screen shots of the generic things on facebook, such as the search bar, the area to write on the wall, etc.

I decided to have some of the posts be real world problems 
for the chapter/unit each class will be studying.

Like I said in the title, it's a work in progress.  
I don't like how it looks now.
I took notes on my printout of what I want to do to change it.
I will post an update tomorrow evening after I make progress.

Recognize this, anyone?

For the other bulletin board, I used the big part of the blue table cloth that I didn't use for the top strip of the facebook board.  This one is also not finished.

Some of you may recognize these from 
a previous #made4math post.

I used leftover streamers from our wedding shower
a few years ago as a border.

OBTW, this came with my supplemental materials for my textbooks (SO EXCITED!):

I will post a more detailed crochet pattern for the flower pencil toppers from last week separately on my other blog.  I use that blog for photo scavenger hunts and crochet patterns/projects.


  1. Wow - your room is huge! Great job on the facebook page... I wonder if you had dry erase pages below each "status" for kids to comment?? Just a thought!

  2. 'fakebook' does seem a popular theme right now ... here's a PDF of the Zinke foldables that I've been sharing