the mathsmith collage

the mathsmith collage

Monday, July 30, 2012

#Made4Math Monday Week 5 - An Assortment, cont.

Here's picking up where I left off last time...I didn't want to overload you on the projects last week, so I saved some for this week:

Project #1: Wall of Fame

I have quite a collection of senior pictures from the past 8 years.  Every year, I tape the pictures on the front of my desk or a chalkboard nearby.  Then at the end of each year, I take them down and pull off the tape.  REPEAT...NO MORE!

I put the senior pictures on the blank pieces of paper (I flipped the pages so that the pictures are face down to protect the "innocent")...there ended up being 4 or 5 sheets of paper with 9 pictures each.  Now, I will post these every year and only take down a few sheets of paper instead of each individual picture.

Project #2: Math Quotes Pages

I took funky scissors from my mom's beginner scrapbook kit she gave me and cut out some math quotes that I found online.  I also cut outlines from the paper I used for the "wall of fame" lettering:

Project #3: Crochet Flower Pencil Toppers

I wanted to do something like what so many #made4math-ers have been doing lately and create custom pencil toppers to prevent students from permanently borrowing my pencils.  So, naturally, I found a crochet pattern for pencil toppers!

Once I crocheted them, I used tacky glue to get them to stay at the top of the pencils.  We'll see if it works!!!


  1. Love the crochet toppers! Great idea!

    aka Alwilda's Daughter

  2. Those crochet toppers are so cute! They also have the added benefit of still being able to use the eraser. I should have listened to mom when she was trying to teach me to crochet!!! :) Hmmm, wonder if I can buy some on etsy..... #GottaStopShoppingSoon!

  3. I love to crochet and just bought the BEST yarn! I just hope I have time to make a few! :) Thanks for the idea and the link to the pattern. If I run out of time, I'm just going to make crazy chains or something to attach. lol!


  4. Help! I'm only getting 3 petals on the crochet flowers. Tweet me at @jreulbach