the mathsmith collage

the mathsmith collage

Monday, July 16, 2012

#Made4Math Monday Week 3 - Teacher Binder (copy cat) + Math Poster Printables

Made4Math Project #1 - Teacher Binder:

Seeing others post their Teacher Binders made me realize that it would be a great idea to have all those things in one place.  In the past, I would have a paper gradebook to coincide with my online gradebook (in case the server crashed...which once it did!), a paper lesson plan book (since there's nothing like showing your work in pencil first), and a bunch of random notebooks or papers with notes from faculty meetings (if I took notes at all).  So here's a preliminary version of my Teacher Binder:

Here is my cover.  I wanted to do something unique with the cover.  I went to Wordle and typed in my math blog site to create this word collage of words I have written on the blog.  The more you repeat a word, the bigger the word gets.  Similarly, if there's a word you only type once or twice, that word appears smaller in the wordle.  Notice Made4Math is fairly large since I mentioned Made4Math more than some of the other words.

I included a pencil pouch (idea stolen from the AVID program) because I often find myself misplacing writing utensils on my desk.  If I always have writing utensils in my binder, I can just pick that up and go without worrying about being unprepared.

I downloaded @druinok's weekly planner page and gave it a slightly colorful flair.

I printed out my new school's district calendar and dowloaded @mathastrophe's calendar.

I tried printing my tabs using the template from the dividers that I purchased, but I lost patience quickly with them being I write them myself.

The lesson plans and gradebook haven't been made yet since I'm not quite sure what courses I'm teaching, etc.  Don't worry...I find out for sure this week.  Plus, my new school is on trimesters, so I need to factor that in.

I used @druinok's template for meeting notes.

I used @druinok's parent communication template.

For my ideas tab, I put a whole packet of college ruled notebook paper in there.  That way, I can jot down ideas AND I'll have paper for others to borrow when the occasion arises.

For my back cover, I made a collage of some of my favorite math pins (and a few nonmath related pins).

Made4Math Project #2 - Printable Math Posters:

On pinterest, I found a cute saying: "Live. Math. Love."  Naturally this drew my attention, so I clicked the link and found a few printable posters.  I printed 3 of my favorites and bought crayola markers for the first time since high school.  I plan on laminating them for my classroom in the near future.

Warning: the link to the printables might not work today.  I went to the site and it gave an "internal server error".  I included the link anyway.  Hopefully their server will be working again so you can check out the posters!


  1. The posters are just adorable! I love Wordle and think it's awesome that Made 4 Math made it onto your binder! :)

  2. Thanks for the link to the posters! I'm definitely going to print some of those out. But I may make my (own) kids color them for me. :)

    Also, have you played with any of the other word cloud generators? There's one called tagxedo that gives you a little more freedom than wordless does (or did; it's been a while since I played with it).

    1. Oh good! I'm glad the link worked...they must have fixed the glitch...I bet they loved THEIR Monday morning...

    2. Also, thanks for the tagxedo tip...played with it for a little bit. :-D

  3. Great binder, and I loved the collage of pics on the back...Wolowitz and cos B...excellent! Wordle was one of my first "technology" websites I ever used, and I've tried some of the other cloud generators (including tagxedo) but I always go back to wordle. Thanks for sharing your work!